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Delicious handbaked savoury puddings


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    Freshly baked savoury rustic muffins  

Delicious savoury puddings packed with tasty vegan cheese and meat alternatives along with loads of fresh veggies, herbs and spices.
Extremely versatile. Great on their own or as a more substantial meal with salad, soup, veggies, chunky chips, rice, pasta etc. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or on the go.
100% gluten-free so perfect if you're gluten intolerant or coeliac.
You'll be so glad you discovered The Muffinery savoury muffins.

Delivered fresh to your door throughout the UK , inc. Jersey and Guernsey

Are you doing Veganuary or know someone who is?
Why not try a bespoke box - you can choose 4 different varieties in one go

With 10 delicious savoury muffin varieties to choose from, plus 10 muffin mixes you can't go wrong.


There's Four cheese alternatives and three meat alternatives.


The Scottie, Curry and Thai muffins will satisfy those spicy cravings. 

Guest sweet muffins also make an appearance during the year, so there really is something for everyone.

Great gift idea too! 

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