Several years ago (ahum) I spent a year living and working in the amazing country that is New Zealand. Having grown up in Australia but never visiting NZ it was fantastic to have this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Whislt living there, every Saturday morning I would have a leisurely wander down to a local muffin shop to treat myself to a savoury cheese and herbs muffin lovingly warmed up with a dollop of butter added once cut in half. I enjoyed this little treat with a hot mug of tea whilst looking out at the yachts in the harbour for a year, untiI eventually I returned to the UK. 

On my return home I hunted high and low for my regular muffin treat but back in the 90's the illusive muffin was not to be found :-(  Eventually with the beginning of the 21st century came the arrival of the sweet muffin to the UK, however the humble savoury muffin was still a rarity so my little habit lay dormant  still waiting for the day. Maybe one day my dream to run a business would bring said muffin to life. 

For years this dream milled around in my head waiting for the 'right time', and then one day not so long ago that opportunity arose and with that came the birth of The Muffinery. 

.... I now create a wonderful artisan collection of vegetarian and vegan gluten-free savoury muffins and sell them through my website and social media throughout the UK.

I am surrounded by so many savoury muffins now .... Well, I've started to look like one!



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