Covid-19 update

The Muffinery is still open for business through this very difficult time and spreading the muffinery-love across the whole of the UK. I will keep sending the orders as long as you keep making them.


You guys have been absolutely amazing in supporting me and many other small businesses that without your help would have gone under. I know you love artisan homemade produce and you want us to still be there when things get back to 'normal' so please, please, spread the word and keep supporting us. 

Sue, The Muffinery 



 Freshly baked savoury rustic muffins 

Delivered to your door

 The Muffinery rustic savoury muffins are uniquely hand produced to a high standard in my tiny cottage and are 100% vegan and gluten free
I want you to enjoy a quality artisan experience enticed by the aromatic taste of herbs & spices and chunky vegetables, loads of tasty vegan 'cheese', sausages and bacon. 
 The Muffinery savoury muffins make a great gift idea for that vegan or gluten free person in your life? How about a bespoke variety box of their favourite savoury flavours

Latest new stockist coming soon

Coming soon ..... The Lichfield Pantry, part of the Plant Plot Garden Centre. This popular little gem is an amazing  find, selling everything from fresh locally sourced fruit and veg to sustainable household products to fresh and frozen foods.


As part of a large independent garden centre with loads of fantastic craft chalets and an amazing cafe, it's a great afternoon out for the whole family.   

Suspended due to Covid-19 but will definitely be ordering in the near future. Watch The Muffinery Facebook page for updates on all stockists